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Kin of Caladen Cover

The Legend of the Seven Sages: The Kin of Caladen
By B. A. Scott


When Gabrel Caladen learns a distant nation can cure his dying wife, he and his brothers embark on an epic quest across the magical world of Adoran, navigating dangerous landscapes of invading demons and goddess sanctuaries, enchanted strongholds and lost kingdoms. But racing to remedy Gabrel’s beloved soon becomes a mission of greater import, as the Caladen brothers are drawn into the service of a scorned king — a service that will change not only the course of their lives, but the world of Adoran forever.





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Blade of Origin Cover

The Legend of the Seven Sages: The Blade of Origin
By B. A. Scott


Gabrel and his brothers have survived Lord Daro’s devastation. But in order to contest him, they must rally the nations of their war-torn world, and acquire the very tool of their creation—the Blade of Origin.



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The Gem of Genesis

The Legend of the Seven Sages: The Gem of Genesis
By B. A. Scott


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